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Verb often seen with ''aid''
Unsuccessful, as an effort
Not worth arguing about
Nickname for Dolores
Hermione in the Potter films
Isle near Naples
Fictional sleuth Cross
US Pacific territory
Give instructions to
Evangelist's motivator
Soldier's food ration, for short
Ending like -ish
Photo ID issuer
Needle threader's skill
Balladeer's repertoire
Pamplona runner every July
River of Florence
It's mainly nitrogen
Pac-Man maze marker
Depend (on)
Football coach's motivator
Norway's patron
Took a load off
Piece in many board games
High point
Part of a door or drawer
Dental diagnostics
Grammy category
Contractor's submission
DVD player seller
Rent out
Candidate's motivator
Talked fondly
Foolish one
Not valid
Photographer Leibovitz
Rested (on)
Landscaper's element
Steep-sided land
Alternative to ''Cosmo''
Last section of Canadian dictionaries
Causes concern in
Lively Spanish dance
Prime-time conclusion
Approach a gate, perhaps
Unlikely steakhouse patron
Magical jewelry
Mosque VIP
Mention one's VIP pals
Lindbergh's island home
Where there's room to move
Sardine container
Surveillance system, briefly
Travel to see
Overexpressed a role
Cloistered one
Big blunder
''__ Autumn'' (Keats poem)
Take the chance
Icy coating
Villainous De Niro role of '87
Hits hard with satire
It's under your chin
''The Incredibles'' studio
Fifth-largest country in area
A certain charm
Spoke fortissimo
Wait patiently
She might be beside herself
''The Last Jedi'' commander
Frosty's eyes
Film in which Aykroyd voiced a wasp
Video producer, for short