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Oracle's observations
Ice queen of animation
Program at VMI
Cobble together
County of Hawaii
Water beside Toledo
Bill bearing Ben
Chili's competitor
Yonder dude
Sparkling, as writing
Carol octet
Grp. publishing the ''Healthy Heart Cookbook''
Poetic contraction
Southeast Asian language
Annoying racket
In quality order
It's southeast of Anaheim
Not as rainy
Testimonial, perhaps
Speculative attempt
Former Japanese capital
Sound surprised
Nearly flawless
Baffling problem
Software for returns
Bill bearing George
Partisan, in headlines
What's normal
Timber source
Piece of pie
''In my wildest dreams''
Sound at MacDonald's farm
Big, powerful things
Monastery leader
Sistine Chapel depiction
Ben Solo's mother
Blender button
''Baseball Tonight'' airer
Evil expression
4 Down farms
Convenience store
Tyrannical temperament
Object of dread
Reach out to, in a way
Napkin holders at fancy meals
Have a bug
Big name in country
Kraft Heinz brand
Having a connection
Business jet brand
Cleansed (of)
Part of AD
Bit of barbecued beef
Ally of the Cheyenne
Specialized language
Blows up
Toy on a string
Cobble together
Boxing bigwig
Data transmitter
''It could happen''
Trailer hitch
Erstwhile biscuit brand
Cardinal's topper
Word before pedal or pump
Galileo, by birth
Real or metaphorical sparklers
Parliamentary position
A way to say ''Hooray!''
Slider surrounder

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