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Military core group
Tattled (on)
Hawaiian feast
Numerical fact, for short
Con's opposite
Sharp points on ranch fences
End of this long weekend
__ processor (kitchen machine)
See 38 Across
Historical period
Doctors' org.
Came after
Extend a subscription
Carries with difficulty
Cowpoke competition
Crop-pest grasshoppers
Payment to a landlord
College or academy
Southwestern donkey
Phone letters next to 3
Suspenders alternative
Showy flower
Commit a theft
__ de Cologne
Occupied, as a conference room
Weighing device
Japanese paper-folding art
Speak indistinctly
Odds and __ (miscellany)
Texter's ''Ha ha!''
Be regretful about
Parsley piece
Shopping center
Cool __ cucumber
Sports venue
Private, as an enclosed community
Makes simpler
Radiator output
Pastry with a hole
Letter before tee
With 55 Across, what 19 Across signifies
College reunion attendee, for short
Gives temporarily
Lambs' moms
''I agree!''
Urban district
Black-and-white cookie
Maple or mahogany
Swiss mountains
Condo dwelling: Abbr.
Throat-clearing sound
Egg-laying chickens
Frequently, informally
Nevada city
More crafty
Sound from an owl
Cat's comment
By way of
Large family
Sonnet or limerick
Not so new
Land measure
Poker player's quitting phrase
Leisurely walk
Highways: Abbr.
Sidewalk surface
At any time
Keep for later
Compass point opposite WNW
Jockey's seat
Ireland nickname
Ring loudly

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