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UN member, 1945-1991
Pigeon sounds
Decline to bid
''For real, dude!''
Matching glove
Whittle (down)
Texter's ''If you ask me . . .''
33rd president
2/3 or 3/4
Playwright Pinter
Light lunch, perhaps
Sound of impatience
Lectern locale
Typical tricycle riders
Sound from a stallion
''The Daily Show'' host
Coffeehouse orders
Offend the nose
Winless match
Crickets and beetles
Sheepish sound
Wear suitable garb
Ill-gotten gains
Footed vase
Sworn statement
More reasonable
Sealy competitor
Japanese-sounding knife brand
NYSE listings
Pampering treatment, for short
Outdoor chair material
Astronaut's garb
Idiom similar to ''pressure cooker''
Prepare for recycling
Tarzan movie sound effect
Something suitable for exhibition
Partner for many a jogger
Prez's backup
Beetle's appendage
Full of suds
Tooth pro's deg.
Civil War vets' org.
Ethereal guardian
Brewery supply
Scott of ''Hawaii Five-0''
Period of importance
Neighbor of Jordan
Gridiron great Marino
Put in place
''By all means!''
Gazebo strip
Agree (to)
Goes bad
Storage structures
Knight's neighbor
Spring zodiac sign
''The Merchant of Venice'' heroine
Baker's flavoring
Size up
Genesis setting
Couture monthly
Not snowed by
Gets going
Caustic solutions
Tach readings
Hoarse sound
Foul callers
Clear kitchen wrap
Took illegally
Fix up
Lifesaving skill: Abbr.
Clumsy ones
Senator Hatch
Poseidon and Neptune
Area for an orchestra
Encircled by
Sand bar
Justice Sotomayor
Ultimate degree
Speaks at length
Pre-trial ritual
''Don't worry about me''
Poetic lowland
Barely defeated
Navigator's references
Big to-do
Queen of Olympus
''Good one!''
Demolition material
Burger topper
Hit the roof
Champagne sealer
Shopper's convenience
Head a cast
''Dune'' vehicle
Crop up
Chases away
Hitting, as with hailstones
Javelin trajectory
''Dear __ or Madam . . .''
Coin discontinued in 1965
Old West riverboat
When the heaviest papers are published
Person trained in 5 Down
Egyptian amulets
Was introduced to
Make into law
Summoned at an airport
Wagner work
Folk-rock pioneer
Double-curve shape
December topper
Sales advisory
Actress Hatcher
Needing a nap
Darken or lighten, say
Enunciate unclearly
Coal product
Isn't oneself
UFO crew
Early inhabitant
Lend a hand
Big brat
Highly original
Insincere flatterer
Top of the head
Jazz singer Krall
Splinter groups
Seaweed wrap purveyors
Fencing stake
Bear in constellations
One end of the tibia
Skipper's place
Timetable listing
Mule's father
Walk-__ (some barbershop patrons)
Deletes, with ''out''