Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 3rd 2017) clues of NewsDay crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 146 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

At that time
Speak from a lectern
Tex-Mex dip
High-pressure pitch
Roast beef specification
Academic hurdles
Figure skating leap
Active one
''Honest'' prez
Very, very well
Many profs.' degrees
Medicinal plant
Interstate adjunct
Cloth goods
Most fitting
Shakespearean fairy king
Lift with effort
Have a hunch
Marriage agent
Sites for outdoor Christmas lights
Brunch fare
Map in a map
Long-nosed fish
Croquet implement
E-tail icon
Not as prevalent
''__ to the Future'' (Alaska's motto)
Arbor Day planting
Elastic wrap
Author Jong
Cedar Rapids college
Conversation subject
Throw in
Emphatic affirmation
Airport rental fleet
Grate on
Carpentry tool
Not fractional
Puccini genre
Sunblock letters
Actress Watson
Not at all eager
Stat on canned food
Puts frosting on
Creative flashes
Touched down
Chill in the air
Travel website info
Laugh heartily
Military proceeding
Knock down some
Research facilities
Pampering treatment, for short
__ podrida (Spanish stew)
Paid players
128 ozs. of milk
Violent weather
Navigational reference
Days of __ (long ago)
Justice Kagan
Urban voting districts
Miscalculate or misspeak
Mars alias
Letters in crime 100 Across
Romantic role
Passing fancy
Helping hand
Composer Stravinsky
Off-road transport, for short
Share a story with
Brunch fare
Crumbly salad topper
Squirrel, for one
''One more thing . . .''
Puny poker pair
Philly-area sandwich
American artist/inventor
Country singer Travis
Casual top
All fired up
Pita filling
Be unable to decide
Much of the time
Divided Asian peninsula
Tailor's supply
Anointed successor
Mail away
Central Florida city
In bundles
Layered pastry
Corn crop
Leave speechless
Actor Cronyn
Spiral-horned antelope
Tarzan movie sound effect
Shamrock land
Gems from Australia
Molten matter
Supped in style
Audible repetition
Fling a fishing line
Flout the rules
''Whatever makes you happy''
Chalet backdrop
App clientele
Sounds of shock
Human dynamo
Comic Rudner
''Iliad'' warrior
''You've got mail'' ISP
Tattered and torn
Medicinal fluids
Female rabbit
Juliet's guy
Day-care handful
Interior design
USAF truant
Microsoft's virtual assistant
Permit to enter
Sam Spade creator
Country club crowd
All wrapped up
''The Zoo Story'' playwright
Tea holder
Have a taste of
Work assignment
Cultivation, in brand names
Relaxed gait
Impolite look
More out of practice