Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2018) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Stuff pumped into a 747
Bracing devices
Teeny bit
"Stephen," to the French
Rip into
Untrue rumor
Start of a riddle
"Ironic" singer Morissette
Enzyme name ender
Solo for a 41-Across
Not feeling well at all
Set aflame
Riddle, part 2
Shar- —
No, to Burns
Certain opera singer
Actress Joanne
Bit of slander
Neighbor of a Croat
The, to Josef
Apt rhyme of "grab"
— -O-Fish (McDonald's sandwich)
Riddle, part 3
Very pungent
Certain opera singer
Adders, e.g.
Most blaring
Sculling tools
As blind as —
Elegant tree
Pharmacy amount
Riddle, part 4
Fire residue
Lady Grey
Sauce brand since 1937
Stays away from
Total or Life
Neighbor of a Swede
Goes fast
Riddle, part 5
NATO part
Mineo of "Tonka"
Knighted one, e.g.
The Beatles' "— Loser"
"Citizen X" actor Stephen
Equine noise
Do a lawn chore
Relo vehicle
End of the riddle
Dir. from Del. to Vt.
Busy mo. for a CPA
Big particle physics lab in Switz.
"Hail, Nero!"
Big name in sneakers
Riddle's answer
Beethoven's Third, familiarly
Mark Antony's wife
Local lingoes
Wet slightly
Wee baby
Seder celebrant
Ordinal number ender
Carrere of "True Lies"
Beyond embryonic
Baja California resort port
Permit to
Biblical angel
Chicana, e.g.
Many flying creatures
Got together
"Shrek!" author William
Like time, speed and temperature
Bad, to Luc
Including everything
Author Steel
More sandlike
MS markers
"Yuk" relative
PC screen variety
Special — (mil. group)
Toll, for one
Atomizer for spraying paint
Turned right on a horse
Has no life
— Ark (biblical boat)
With 57-Down, supporter for a caterer's dishes
Pets' docs
Groom's partner
Microwave brand
Indefinite things
Keats verse
Railing locale
Hurricane relative
See 37-Down
Alan of "White Mile"
Doves' calls
Reasonably muscular
Lactose, e.g.
Unrequired course
Rob of the Brat Pack
Gets close
Mom or dad's sister
"Da Doo Ron Ron" singer Cassidy
— Tull (rock band)
— -Magnon man
Persian, e.g.
Country singer Rimes
Suffix with lion
Army group
Ball of perfume in a closet
Urged in defense
Close friendship between guys
Nav. officer
African viper
Implant that helps in returning a lost pet
Athens' land
Husband of Lily Munster
Greet with a hand motion
Resulted in
Followed a curved path
Hit skit show since '75
"— and Kel" (1990s teen show)
— Khan
Height fig.
Hunters' gp.
— de plume
Cyclotron bit
Actress Longoria
Apt humor
Letter encl. to facilitate a reply