Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 12th 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 146 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Earth Day's month
Maned antelope
Large gulf
Sign off on
1940 thriller drama; 1942 romantic drama
Hop- — -thumb
Horse morsel
Enjoy dinner
Really digging
Homer, e.g.
1982 horror; 1939 western
One with adoring fans
Moray, e.g.
Filmdom's Mrs. Victor Laszlo
1996 neo-noir crime drama; 1990 crime drama
Titled man
Wedding day destinations
Fiendish look
D-Day city in France
Takes too much, briefly
Pie-mode link
1979 comedy-drama; 1982 musical
2007 comedy-drama; 1946 spy thriller
Many rented homes: Abbr.
Make — of (jot down)
"This guy walks into — ..."
Irene of "Fame" fame
Bone, to Fido
":" in an analogy
Braggarts' displays
2005 historical drama; 2002 musical
2000 neo-noir thriller; 1982 comedy-drama
Certain sow
Poetic "prior to"
See 85-Across
With 84-Across, diver's gas cylinder
"But — I know?"
21st Greek letter
1980 spoof comedy; 1976 satirical drama
"Waterloo" quartet
Chop cut
Gold, in León
Major rtes.
1931 horror; 2010 sci-fi thriller
Get spoiled
Cookie with creme
La.-to-Mich. dir.
Vast stretch
— -pitch
Break in, e.g.
1963 historical drama; 1950 period drama
"Skyfall" singer
Alaskan port
Civic's make
Aired again
Norma — (film heroine)
Pea piercers
Word form for "height"
Haiku, e.g.
Deep red wine
Serpent tail?
USMC rank
Having a bit of a beard
13th Greek letters
Hagen with three Tonys
Old politico Stevenson
Spoiled kids
O'er there
Biblical priest
Luau hellos
NYPD part
Mown strips
Ella's singing
Cell insect
China buys
Gymnast Korbut
Bout arbiters
"— a pity ..."
Your and my
"— tree falls ..."
NFL's Cowboys, on scoreboards
Speak grandly
Fjord city
Loris' cousin
Prince Valiant's son
— bit (soon)
Italian island
— year (annually)
Yankee Joe, informally
Spanish region
Cole — (shoe brand)
Antidrug cop
Actress Pressly
Indy great Al
Phrase of denial
Siouan tribe
Former Apple laptop
Brewery kiln
Prepare for playing, as a tape
With 119-Down, position Mike Ditka played
Online store
Tiny: Prefix
Gordie of hockey
Highest degree
Fed. stipend program
River of Bern
"Horton Hears —!"
City native
Not moist
Signs off on
Stove item
Kitchen pest
Zero relaxation
Over again
— down the hatches
Like a small garage
Tristan's lady
Split country
— Gay (WWII B-29)
Way to sign a contract
Tchr.'s gp.
Reggae artist Peter
— water (up the creek)
Theater box
Single bills
See 74-Down
Musket tip?
Black goo
Biochem strand
"Either you do it — will"