Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 19th 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 146 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

British Derby town
— apso (terrier)
Billy's bleat
Time and —
Name on a mower
Greek letters
Raised RRs
Storybook elephant
Cheer up the singer of "Galveston"?
Cowboy rope
"Aw, quit — bellyachin'!"
Frozen cubes
Puck, for one
Lack of law
Rice fields whose workers love a frothy pastry filling?
With a very sharp image, for short
Ipanema site, briefly
Drink in many a 58-Across
Corp. VIP
Scottish boys testifying in court?
Fr. woman with a halo
"As I see it," to a texter
"Science Guy" Bill
Turkey Day tuber
Artistic users of acid
Pub barrel
Farm fowls
Food grinder
"Zapped!" actor Willie
GQ staffers
Threw one's ordinary existence into confusion?
Sky's color, in Salerno
Luau guitar, for short
Océan filler
Driver's 180
Horse riders' activity in an Asian island country?
Insult, hip-hop-style
"— a Grecian Urn"
Actor Davis
Rebuke to Brutus
Rhea's kin
Bill or Hillary
Suffix with joy or humor
Slim fish
Big primate
Slugger Griffey
Officer in charge of soft packing material?
Tycoon Onassis
Two, to José
Take it on the — (escape)
NFL announcer John acting up?
Crude stuff
Stud's place
Pay a visit to
Deliver a craze follower into custody?
Up in the air
Nero's "I love"
Spirits in bottles
— -car (Avis service)
Hopes to get
"Fresh Air" airer
Artery-opening tube
Letters of plurals
All nerves
Brazilian soccer hero
Sniffers in rescue operations
O'Hare airport code
Army doc
Tablecloths, e.g.
Ad — committee
"I'm — loss"
Froot Loops toucan
In line with
Hybrid meat
Like — in the face
Wear away
Beehive, e.g.
Ancient calculators
Machine shop tool
Gets ragged
Prefix with car or chic
Make dim, as by tears
Opposite of day, in Bonn
Nation south of Braz.
Opus finale
Drop-line link
"Looks great to me!"
Aid for an asthmatic
Looked at amorously
Wire, e.g.
Stone of film
Interstate rig
Not kosher
Nero's "to be"
Cruel Roman emperor
Physically fit
Linear, for short
Weigh down
As — (usually)
Squeezes (out)
Arnaz of TV
Her niece is Dorothy
Weed — (lawn care brand)
Foot coverer
Be inactive
"No, Hans"
Charlie Chaplin's last wife
Era after era
Agenda part
Envy and lust
Urge to act
In arrears
Wrinkly citrus fruit
Flip through
34th prez
Show respect (to)
"Because — so!"
"Wow!," in an IM
Not a one
Going with the flow
Strikes back, say
Kind of parrot
Teresa's city
English county
"Borstal Boy" author Brendan
Many YouTube uploads
Prove apt for
Little battery
Rapper with six Grammys
Villa d'—
Greek letters
Rock blaster
Pooch's doc
Propyl ending
— Tin Tin
Arles article