Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 5th 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Seer's "gift," for short
Pig noise
Tosses out
Some choir women
With 74-Down, "Such gall!"
Tree-toppling ax wielder
Expiate, with "for"
Statue of Liberty feature
African beast submerged?
Ranch rope
Unit of Time
Park or Fifth: Abbr.
Like partially spoiled oil?
Five-alarm, for one?
Mao — -tung
British isle
Slyly derisive
Mocked by imitating
Amor or Eros
Magic lamp owner's language?
Property unit
Hereditary unit
Daphnis' lover
Tan-colored door security feature?
Wichita-to-Akron dir.
Fueled (up)
Tennille or Braxton
"Misty" crooner Johnny
Hero of Sophocles' "Electra"
It's hidden in this puzzle's 10 longest answers
Native of Cuba's capital
Fail to do as promised
Watson of "The Bling Ring"
Texas border city
"The Simpsons" clerk
Q-V link
Snap-on parts of a tot's tote?
Friend of the Lone Ranger
Do injury to
Jockey (for)
"Farewell, Ms. Clooney!"?
Wading birds
Raccoon relative
Israel's Eban
Texas city near Dallas
Dick — Dyke
Washroom, informally
Thoroughly clean some sour fruit?
Tune about Houdini?
Several eras
Flat piece of microfilm
Flat, as pop
Cause Reagan to digress?
By itself
Without — (worry-free)
Thigh's place
Fiery feeling
Faked out, in ice hockey
Utilized a keypad
"What — the odds?"
Set of values
— kebab
Giant in soda
Providing with footwear
Modern, in Münster
Rent-to- —
Adjust on a timeline
— Fountain (Rome landmark)
Skull bone
Great Salt Lake's state
— moment too soon
Honored a king, maybe
Razor name
Pork cut
Like phone calls and outlines
1 followed by 27 zeros
Like arbors
Living proof?
Relating to the kidneys
McEntire of country
— Grande
Scholastic meas.
Sword part
Pres. before JFK
Of a large store of data
Opposite of "yep"
"Hasta —!" (Spanish "Later!")
Often-quoted Wilde
Sonnet, e.g.
In one's own house
Peruvian of yore
Below, in a 46-Down
"Meh" mark
Pre-'91 empire
Fade away
Lover of Lennon
Top part of some forms
Intend to
"Well, I declare!"
Actress Mia
Diplomat's bldg.
See 19-Across
Allow to enter
Toothpaste box org.
— loss for words
Many a Net radio host
Teamster ID
Utterly fail
Toothbrush brand
Pekoe, e.g.
Irish actor Stephen
Crunches crunch them
Slot car, say
Kilmer of "Top Gun"
Not divided into parts
"— Thro' the Rye"
Line of motor scooters
President of Syria
Be sweltering
City NNE of Tampa
N.J. Devil, e.g.
Swamp plant
As well
Look keenly
Neighbor of Mont.
Actor Richard
TV's Turner
Keystone policeman
Carly — Jepsen