Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 29th 2014) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Hang in there
Of ill repute
Prized violin, for short
Fidel's friend Guevara
Golfer Sandy
Pabst beer
Film terrier
"— -haw!" (rodeo cry)
Big whoop
Sly-fox linkup
Dr. of radio
Bought the film rights to
Winter coat feature
Performs like Snoop Lion
Hill helpers
Makeup of Hawaii
Inside story
Singer Bono
Waikiki wiggling
Snead of golf
Frosty coat
Send in troops, e.g.
"Slung" stuff
Holy place
— steady basis
Wine, in Paris
Frozen or liquid things
"Joan of Arc" star Sobieski
Sag down
"Your Business" channel
Solo seen with Chewbacca
Meet with fellow grads
Classic name in arcades
Santa — Zoo
Biblical king in Matthew
Very old Olds
Start of a riddle
Choir female
"I come from — down under" (1981 hit song lyric)
High-school grad, e.g.
English king called "the Conqueror"
Stick (to)
Sunrise side
Catch sight of
Concerning kidneys
State-of-mind missions, in military slang
Airline to Lod
Riddle, part 4
Riddle, part 2
Diving result
1987 NFL MVP John
Not casual
Some tournament rounds, informally
Lead role in "La Cage aux Folles"
"There — god!"
End in — (finish evenly)
Comply with
Océano filler
Ore- — (maker of Crispers!)
Thai language
Sticky stuff
Little peeve
Part of DOJ: Abbr.
Riddle, part 3
Riddle, part 5
Down time
Certain poem
"Eh" grade
Check casher, say
Kicker Groza
007, for one
Seeks some answers
Ballerina's skill, in Paris
Brand of brake fluid
Actress Witherspoon
Bank in a check transaction
Calyx part
Replenish the stock of
End of the riddle
Make illegal
Firework part
"He's a priest," per Ogden Nash
City near Giza
Gilpin of "Frasier"
Holy likeness
Molten rock
Prehensile-tailed fish
Giant step
No, in Ayr
Lingerie garment
Riddle's answer
Op. — (abbr. in a footnote)
Nobel winner Joliot-Curie
Responses to jokes
Immense time span
"— of robins in her hair": Joyce Kilmer
Three-nation pact of '94
Old Jewish sectarian
Was nervy enough
Ballet bend
Fights noisily
Verdi work
Have title to
Apple option
Bankbook ID
— and kin
Put back on the roster
Kobe cash
Certain organ part
Florida birds
Bygone bird
Driver's peg
Long-eared leapers
Medusas' counterparts
Little city
At a boat's back
"It's hard to — Trane"
By means of
GOP symbol
Capital of Montana
100-yr. stretches
Bornean ape, briefly
Spa reaction
Relating to musical pitch
In an unusual way