Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 26th 2017) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Look to be
Lots and lots
Lottery winner's cry
Maintenance processes
Makes a slip
Many a sock mender
Mass song
Measures of light
Med. plan
Morales of the screen
Move directly via a wholesaler
MSN competitor
On the crest
One of the Gershwins
Part of Mao's name
Provo site
Queen in 'Frozen'
Queen, in Spain
Racer Mario
Reduces to pulp
Richard of Hollywood
Rock genre
Sad, in Paris
Scented pouches
Sci-fi power
Secondary leaflike appendage
See 36-Down
SFO stats
Shed tool
Singer Boone
Slender, graceful girls
Somewhat, musically
Sommer of 'The Prize'
Spanish article
Entertainer Carmen
Split to splice
Army chaplains open curtains?
Ernie of golf
Ashley Olsen's twin
Starchy staple
First extra inning
Aside from
Sticks fast
Flower parts with the most light, soft colors?
Averse to, with 'of'
Stir-frying pan
Follower of FDR
Bawl (out)
Sufferer for a cause
Fruit drink brand
Before long
Sun orbiter
German article
Blizzards, e.g
Thurman of 'Tape'
German river
Bond girl player Adams
Urban grid: Abbr
Get rid of
Brand of weedkillers
Was bought for the price of
Go around
Brooklyn NBA team
Weep aloud
Golfer's peg
Bucolic poems
Window part
'Come on!'
Gp. of docs
Chaney of film
With 52-Across, proposes a date to
'Give it --' ('Go for it')
Hamm of soccer
Change everyone's table positions during a spring holiday dinner?
Happens to, as evil
Cherry stone
Yard surface
Haughty sort
Chip coating
Heartless doughnut shop employee pestering customers?
City near Oneida Lake
'-- to it!' ('Simple!')
Clarification starter
'Crocodile Rock' label
Coin opening
Himalayan guide who's skilled at crafting sentences?
Comes -- surprise
Hinged door fasteners
Comic Meara
Hold to be
'I have it!'
Comic Rudner
Hooded coat
'I'll handle it!'
Command for online missives
Hooded vipers
'Kristin' actress Ortiz
Convention sticker
Illinois city
'Singing to the Hits' label
Inits. at Indy
-- -Iranian
Instrument that drones
-- acid
Iraqi, e.g
Crotchety cry
Irritated fit
-- for tat
Deprives of weapons
It cuts wood with the grain
-- tide
Determine in advance
Karaoke stage item
Aid in solving
Divining cards
Lamb nurser
Lead-in to plunk
Like some cold coffee
Leatherneck pilots stay behind?
And others, to Caesar
Eggs of fish
Like superstore shopping
Les États- --
Andy's chum
Lincoln loc
Less slack
Little louse
Apia's locale
Endocrine gland in the brain
Log-in info