Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 10th 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Neaten (up)
Lab compounds
Terrific, slangily
Talented talker
Thinks up something
Witchy sorts
Furniture chain, literally
Prime draft classification
Many times, in verse
"What — I tell you?"
Bygone rival of Delta
Using an Rx, say
Restaurant chain, literally
One in sales, briefly
Big letters in fashion
Strong coat fabric
TV pioneer Jack
"— For" (1995 Nicole Kidman film)
It carries a small charge
Dog chain, literally
Swivel about an axis
Tan shade
Baseball great Casey
Cry a river
"It's my turn to go"
Kipling's Rikki-tikki- —
"— pity" ("Alas")
Mountain chain, literally
Jewish month
Skin opening
Beer belly, e.g.
It's not a pretty sight
Casts forth
Give a summons to
Food chain, literally
Native Coloradan
Pop's Stefani
Jeans giant
Nastase of tennis
— -Croatian (language)
"BTW" part
Gigi's refusal
NFL lineman
Island chain, literally
Pedal pusher
"It's so cold!"
OS computer
Stephen King's rabid dog
Watch chain, literally
Time period
Asbestos, e.g.
Sean Penn film
"Woe —!"
Celebrities of daytime dramas
Clear record holder
Merely OK
U. lecturer
Finn's craft
Thespian Hagen
Police line
Otter relative
Tai —
Bit of a laugh
Legal rider?
Damon and Dillon
Cubans, e.g.
Sweetened drink
"Bad" Brown
Camille Saint- —
Lisa's role on "Friends"
Excessive display of distress
Way in the past
Org. with bag screeners
Large pike, for short
Copies a happy cat
Slangy ending for switch
Copy over, as a soundtrack
Offer a view
Deep desire
Android extra
T on a frat tee
Recess game
It's led by a Sec'y-General
Think piece
Postgrad degs.
Hitter Mel
Double- — (tourney type)
Arizona tribe
"I got — in Kalamazoo"
Impose, as a tax
Opposed to
Jacob's wombmate
Café au —
— -Ball
Certain fruity spread
Sleeping garb
Wee demon
Rick's love in a classic film
Kong's kin
— roast
Hocus- —
Author Leon
Actor Rogen
Like many hockey shots
Dir. from L.A. to K.C.
Rocker Reznor
Revel in
Writer Jong
Echidna food
Lollobrigida of Hollywood
.001 inch
Split second?
Kind of port for a PC
Servers in saucers
Flagship U.K. TV network
Ended a phone talk
In-box fillers
Like the Tatar language
To another continent
Hero shops
University of Maine's city
Strain at — (fuss pettily)
Hitting stat
Flat-topped hill
"What —!" ("Such fun!")
Hit CBS drama
Secret govt. group
Flight deck guess, briefly
University sisters' org.
Triage sites, for short
Ovid's 2,100