Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 31st 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Ditzy types
Stains, as with blood
Yearn (for)
Powder from chili peppers
Drive- —
Meat-curing company?
Look as though
"— Fideles" (Yule carol)
Inning divisions
Form of jazz
RandB singer with the 1965 hit "Hold What You've Got"
Last time you'll ever pull into a garage?
Gerund ending
Angsty music genre
Placed (down)
Tasting rich and sweet
Messenger bringing news to cows?
See 13-Down
"It's the end of —!"
Lance of the O.J. trial
Real bargain
"Let's hear it"
Ger.'s home
Stephen of "Citizen X"
Croft of video games
"The Catcher in the Rye" author's tune penner?
Old crone
Lav in a pub
Build — (make one's home)
Geller of psychic acts
Lamb suckler
Obsolete provider of stability?
Slangy suffix with buck
Vehicle-towing org.
Cong. member
Looked hard
Turf again
Division of Islam
Trunk bone
Very brief time
Movable kayak fin
"You already know the answer is ‘team spirit,' right?"
Large arboreal snake
Russian city
Co. suit
Paver's goo
Shoes worn in the Sahara?
In recent days
"My life" book
Eight, in German
Edison's middle name
Piece from "The Domestic Oratorio"?
NY Met, e.g.
#1 Bruce Springsteen album of 1980
Emmy winner Sedgwick
Not unfeeling
Blood vessel to the heart
Belittle, informally
— fix (stuck)
Eagles' org.
Groom's counterpart
Added on
Dogs' jinglers
ATM feature
Cold dessert
Scratch, e.g.
Off — mile
On Social Sec., say
With 50-Across, workers' advocates, for short
"— true!"
Nickname of Boston's locale
Louisiana cuisine style
Like camels
Bone-to-muscle joiner
Holy war
Bridge bid, briefly
White heron
Styled after
Some vermin
Chanteuse Eartha
Sit in neutral
Language for a Sherpa
Me, to Gigi
Many a time
Warlike god
Refrain syllables
Be worthy of
Flight staff
Tortoise rival
Novelist Mario Vargas —
Casino city
"That's —!" (film-set cry)
Greek I's
Sleep cycle part
Old fast fliers, briefly
People who aren't you
Meet, as the challenge
I-beam relative
River in Switzerland
Gives short shrift to
"Well, — here!"
Man-goat god
Computer of the 1940s
N. Mex., before 1912
Calf catcher
Plow maker
"Smash" star Messing
A noble gas
Brain gain
Entrapments in lies, e.g.
In bad health
Small aquatic rail
Financial co. for which the Boston Celtics' arena is named
Comic Charles Nelson —
On dry land
Done to — (well-cooked)
NBC fixture since '75
Plant life
Tune's text
1999 Ron Howard film
Feel sore
Noted coach Parseghian
Family gal
A Gabor
Riled, with "up"
Keats poem
A Gardner
O.T. book
Pitching stat