Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 3rd 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

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Abe of "Fish"
In hitting position
"Neue Liebeslieder" composer
Details of one's life
Angle unit in math
Doctors testifying about injuries, e.g. [Trebek]
Third-largest Danish city
East — Alto
Former space station
Tributary of the Seine
Compound conjunction
Fox's quality
Uses a pogo stick [Chavez]
Back muscle, informally
Soft throw
It's variable with a zoom lens [Ginsberg]
Wry Mort
See 95-Across
The same, to Simone
NM-to-NJ dir.
Absorb slowly
"Rapture" singer Baker
St. Kitts and —
Confident assertion
They're part of history [Seagal]
Modest reply of gratitude [Hawke]
Item fitting in a rowlock
Vain one's problem
Above, in an ode
Not prone to fading in daylight, as a fabric
Winter malady
It hangs from a hoop
Regulations on importing and exporting [St. Johns]
Initial race advantages [Lovett]
Épée relative
Guardian —
Hansel's sis
Heat qty.
Goatee site
With 47-Across, swooned-over sort
"It's cold!"
Current fashion [Lubitsch]
Water, in Oaxaca
Winged god
G8 country
Curt comment [Previn]
Moralist's statement
Rural towers
Twisting fish
Enzyme suffix
Not inclined
Saying "I do" [Bergman]
Lamented loudly
By mistake
One of the Ramones
Fall blooms
Region centered on the upper Oder valley
Makes off-peak calls?
Like saints
Rigel's constellation
Yr. closer
Water, jocularly
App-based taxi service
With 87-Down, penthouse's place
Pindar verse
Cockloft, e.g.
Cup, in Caen
Systems to track storms
The "A" of ATP
Gandhi, e.g.
Dummy Mortimer
Beauty lover
Architectural annex
Marshy area
Playwright Joe
Cries of repugnance
"Buddy List" co.
— shui
Pointed arch variety
Spelunking spot
Samuel of the Supreme Court
Bottle parts
Reaches, as new heights
Barn brayer
By — of (due to)
"Chained" actor Kruger
Hold up
Movie-rating gp.
Stated firmly
Crow of pop
Into pieces
Asian sea
Frequently, to Donne
Chick's home
Cree or Erie
Decide (to)
Heroic act
Thin street
Egg on
Hurting, as a joint
Grieve loudly
December 31 song word
"Stormy Weather" singer
Abbr. on a bus schedule
See 9-Down
Watson of "Noah"
Frank holder
Nickname for Dwight Gooden
Airline to Sweden
Riotous joke
Dutch lager
Honshu city
Exchange for a ten
Naval force
TV's Philbin
Nicholas Gage novel
Brought out into the open
"— much better now"
Stem joints
Taj Mahal site
Mag staffers
Mario's three
Auditing gp.
"— don't!"
Vintage auto