Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 11th 2015) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Fig. on a new car sticker
Isle of Minos
Pro music providers
Lost lady in "The Raven"
"That clarifies it"
Saabs, say
Use scissors
Enron scandal figure was inactive?
Suffix of fruit drinks
— Pie (cold treat)
Lucas of film
By way of, briefly
"Three's Company" actor started dozing?
See 82-Across
Money owed
Floral wreath
Lyric writer Gershwin
Lyric work
Toe part
"Lulu" composer Berg
Watergate whistleblower had anxiety?
Island near Molokai
— for "apple"
Charles of CBS News
"CSI" actress Elisabeth
Solar system members
Ending for pent- or hex-
Citi Field stat
Reds great met a tough challenge?
Santa — (hot desert wind)
Unveil, in poetry
Swiss resort lake
Greek mountain
"Is there an echo —?"
With 38-Across, they have film bloopers
"This —!" (fighting words)
Teen sleuth noted the subtle difference?
"Gladiator" actor Davis
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez
Bygone flight inits.
"Aquarius" network
Hereditary helices
Small needle case
Have one's cake and eat —
"The Ward" actress hallucinated auditorily?
Te- — (giggles)
Blueswoman Smith
Fuzz figure
Machine for sowing
Become old
"The Great Ziegfeld" figure caused a road jam?
UNLV part
Valuable store
River of Pisa
Not coastal
Pack carrier
In order
States of change
Bugling beast
Winning sign
Cochlea site
Relative of an attaché
Trying trip
Take effect
What to call an English nobleman
Retirees' fund org.
Marina del —
Like a smug know-it-all
OPEC, e.g.
Mai tai liquor
Sked guess
Pacific island nation
Actor Will
U.S. capital and environs
Wellness gp.
Horse-track has-been
Slim and fit
Greek Juno
Eatery card
Impose — on (forbid)
Pages (through)
"— and Stitch"
Long couch
Room with a 39-Down
Horse to bust
All mixed up
Abstract artist Paul
Scrabble pick
Tight-fisted type
Karloff of film
Timber wolves
City near Minneapolis
Seville locale
Hair dye
Fan of the Jazz, usually
Attorney or heir follower
Nutty candy
Misc. abbr.
Nails the test
Actors Culkin and Calhoun
Pages for think pieces
Handling the matter
Schools, to the French
"Hero" co-star Davis
NYC-to-Seattle dir.
Berry from Brazil
Bike, e.g.
Weight-loss strategy
Narrow strip of land: Abbr.
Feng —
Russian news agency
Penetrating woodwind
Sarges, say
Jewish mystical tradition
Last letters
Dwell (on)
Like insteps and rainbows
Hip place
Winter bug
Gaucho rope
"The Dance" artist Matisse
Female goat
Sans — (font style)
Pioneer Boone, to townsfolk
— de plume
Hail, to Ovid
Rap's Dr. —
A, in Italy
Opal ending
LPs' successors