Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 10th 2017) clues of Premier Sunday crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

High-fiber cereal ingredient
Something imperative
Many a quaint cabin
"The Gypsy" singer Shore
Tree anchors growing in a groundwork? [Asimov-Haley]
Split in two
Lyric poems
— chi
Dirtier, as a chimney
Awful review
Actress De Mornay after marrying "Star Trek" ensign Harry? [du Maurier-Kipling]
Egg-shaped instrument
Defeat in cleverness
Lays (down)
Dear granny? [Morrison-Zola]
Indulges fully
Belle of a ball
Butler's girl
Knight's tunic
Livy's "to be"
Geller of the paranormal
Small, thin part of a beach hill? [Herbert-Levin]
Government financial assistance
— News (Utah paper)
Laughter syllables
Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer," for the film "The Sting"? [Doctorow-Rand]
Long of film
Boise locale
Related compounds
Wielded, as power
Distress after a really deep sleep? [Cook-King]
Eminent lead-in
Gives help to
Neighbor of Norway
Biblical queendom
Woolen cap
Nash of funny poems
President Grant is gabby? [Joyce-Benchley]
Blood type, informally
Physician who may cry "Stat!"
Hall of talk TV
Have a phobia of queasiness? [Hubbard-Sartre]
"i" finisher
Dog ID sites
Pistol, e.g.
Sarge, e.g.
Tough guy's claim
Abducted old Japanese chief? [Stevenson-Clavell]
Give rise to
Treat as a hero
Moves very quietly
Tallinn's land
Clumsy type
Of yore
Mr. Capote, briefly
Singer Folds
Total change
Very little
Memo tablet
— -mo
— Blanc (Alps peak)
Home to Taj Mahal
Groups in church robes
"Kitchy —!"
Lifesaving pro
Pie, e.g.
Not standing, as a committee
Sporty two-seaters
Not typical of
"Don't waste your breath!"
Heat units
"Life — cabaret"
Eight-player bands
Kernel holder
Strikeout star
Good friend
Ate away at
Actor Beery
Printers' widths
Ewe's cry
"So — heard"
Space cloud
One, to Juanita
Road coater
"— do not!"
Dancer in Matthew
"Be — and help me"
ROY G. —
1972 Jack Lemmon film
Made tighter, as a knot
Moral code
Eye makeup
Bagel variety
Former TV host Philbin
Some vases
Thin air
Start of a cry from Juliet
Gucci alternative
Awards for Tina Fey
Philosopher Lao- —
Phillips — Academy
Kind of plane engine
Engaged, as a car engine
Ballet step
Lean-to's kin
Roy Wood's rock gp.
51-year senator Robert
Equine beast
It includes a snare
Mag. team
— Valley, San Francisco
Lazed about
Comic Gasteyer
Faux hair
Maritime "Mayday!"
Business workplace
— Marcus (retailer)
Accessory for an iPod
Oily matter
Am unable to
Reformer Ralph
Native metal
"The Elder" of Rome
Andy Taylor's tyke
Greek letters
Quick drink
Africa's Amin
Quick swim
HP products
Artist Yoko
Gimlet liquor
Arm of Israel
Tchr.'s org.