Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2018) clues of Rock and Roll crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

What non-ticket holders do to gate
Ham and Seeger
Led Zep "Since ___ Been Loving You"
Britney single off "Blackout"
Motorhead "___ of Spades"
Steely Dan "FM (No ___)"
Like Thin Lizzy or U2
Debut JT hit "___ Love You"
Elvis Costello "Mighty Like ___"
Be nuts about a band
Fishbone "___ Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe"
"Won't Be Blue Anymore" Dan
Where you might see a newer band
'03 Yellowcard album
Stone of Pearl Jam
Musical Whoopi Goldberg movie "Sister ___"
Music Corporation of America, briefly
Def Leppard producer Robert "___" Lange
Babes in Toyland mermaid song?
What you got in mosh pit
Used for funny lyrics
David Bowie, ___ Ziggy Stardust
Old-schooler Tillis
"That What Is Not" band (abbr.)
Weezer crustacean song
Psychedelic ASAP Rocky song?
The Who "The ___ Me"
'60s rocker Spencer
Whitesnake "Here ___ Again"
Musical slant
Magical Steve Miller Band song?
What fans did at gates (with "up")
Hot Action Cop "La ___"
She warned us about a "Smooth Operator"
"I Would Die for You" Jann
Rapper Nicki
What feuding members get divided into
Not major
Gloria Gaynor "___ Survive"
Dean of Stone Temple Pilots
"Drink Me" U.K. band
Duration of contract
L.A. grunge duo
They are in between the guests and their 1's
Jack Blades band ___ Yankees
Records come in them
Crowd after first Woodstock
Eurythmics "Travel the world and the seven ___"
Oasis "So Sally __ wait"
Kaoma '89 hit
Beatles "Maggie ___"
Taylor Deupree album that might come about?
Glen of The Frames
Pat of Foo Fighters
The Band "___ Surrender"
Brock of Modest Mouse
"Foreclosure of ___" Megadeth
The Who "Love, Reign ___"
2001 Asia album
Nirvana "Pen ___ Chew"
Typo for Canadian Justin
Raveonettes "___ to L.A."
"Paved paradise and put up a parking ___"
Poison "Look what I've done, ___ shooting star"
Everclear home state, for short
"Can't Wait One Minute More" NY band
John Fogerty "Blue Moon ___"
'60s British subculture
Ronnie Montrose early '80s band
Sheryl Crow "Everyday ___ Winding Road"
'86 Journey album "Raised ___"
Talking Heads Byrne
Sean Paul "Don't ___ Me"
What "Eagles" did, to Iron Maiden
'70s Gary Moore fusion band
Ocasek of The Cars
Like crowd at killer show