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Kid Rock song for the end of a prayer?
Like rock star empire
Soul Asylum "Just Plain ___"
'82 Clash album "___ Rock"
"Let's Keep It That Way" Murray
Clears, after tour expenses
Christian metalcores ___ the Day
Stars walk on a red one
Kind of mine for Police's "Canary"
What duets come in
What fans are on, for upcoming shows
Soul Asylum "If you can find a better way then ___ standing in your way"
Rich Mullins "The Maker of ___"
Soul Asylum "Catatonic, she's always ___"
"18 Days" band Saving ___
German "99 Luftballons" band
Anvil "___ Hostility"
Rage Against the Machine album "The Battle ___ Angeles"
Soul Asylum "Things ___ quite the way they should be"
Indie Brits from '90
English singer-songwriter Chris
Carly Simon "___ the Way I Always Heard It Should Be"
Type of bar at show
Beach Boys "Radio King ___"
Slender wind instrument
"Excuse ___" No Doubt
Soul Asylum "And along came an offer from the ___ of steel"
'92 Soul Asylum smash anthem
Plastic ___ Band
Monty Python member and funny song guy Eric
Repeated word in Santana "Shaman" track
Soul Asylum lyric "The cold night breathes into __ face"
Soul Asylum sticks pins in a "Voodoo" one
3rd Bass "___ Office"
"You're the Only One" Maria
B.B. King's real first name
"Hope for the Hopeless" Dennen
"Don't Answer Me" Parsons
What Soul Asylum's "Black Gold" is about, perhaps
Pearl Jam song off "No Code" they sing to the chief?
Current musical styles
Fender model (abbr.)
Souvenirs from beach band
Christopher Guest band Spinal ___
Contract cons
Aretha Franklin "A Rose Is ___ Rose"
Soul Asylum "___ number, knock on wood"
Composition where entering voices do the initial theme
Suffering, from cancellation
Prominent N.C. label
Kind of "Resident," to Spacehog
Soul Asylum leader Pirner
Soul Asylum '88 release "___ Time"
"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" band
"Konvicted" rapper/singer
Letters to ___
"How I Could Just Kill ___" Charlotte Sometimes
"Let Go" Lavigne
"Cheating at Solitaire" punk Mike
Al Green "How Can You ___ a Broken Heart"
Disco hairdo
Boise rockers Caustic ___
Soul Asylum "In ___ York blackout, things go kinda slow"
Peter Green pal Watson
"Grave Dancers Union" jam "Growing ___ You"
Phoenix "Napoleon ___"
Hansard and Miller
What The B-52's do if they want to?
Soul Asylum "One ___ thing to call my own"
Leader of Cradle of Filth
Blues mainstay Taj
"Waiting for you to call me up and tell me I'm not ___"
Soul Asylum "We could ___ a company and make misery"
Popsters Boy ___ Girl