Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 21st 2018) clues of The Denver Post crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Shaving mishap
Burlesque bit
Begins with enthusiasm
Unnamed competitor, in ads
Give as a source
Caribou kin
Verdi slave girl
Berry in smoothies
Debate topics
Justice Kagan
Align the crosshairs
Legally go after
Earthly paradise
Induce to join, as an argument
Fizzy drink
Rubbed the wrong way
Dangerous fly
28-Across measure
Way to go
Alumna bio word
Museum benefactor (Abbr.)
Kunta ___ ("Roots" role)
Barely beats
Strong driving force
"Life of Pi" director Lee
Hoops great Shaquille
Voice of the iPhone
July 1944 battle site
Gulf War missile
Merchant ship officers
Hosting a roast, in brief
Grapefruit hunk
As yet unscheduled, on a sked
Get traded, say (and how to get the last parts of 16-, 23- and 49-Across)
Has a bite
Carew in Cooperstown
Courtroom figure (Abbr.)
NPR newsman Daniel
Ladies' gentlemen
Timeline divisions
Singles, doubles, etc.
Get deservedly
Not fulfilled, as needs
Blanc who voiced Bugs
Concerning, in legalese
Toupee, slangily
Middle X
Low man in the choir
Flamboyant manner
"___ we forget"
Poseidon's domain
Turns, as milk
Act part
Mud bath site
Small craft propeller
Warrior princess of TV
Fund, as a professorship
Sewing supply
Relief from the sun
Boutique fixture
"___ Master's Voice"
Ill temper
Chore list heading
Imbiber's offense, briefly
"Fiddler" of Rome
"Apollo 13" director Howard
Jewish deli offerings
Dictionary notation for "enow" or "erst"
Be half-asleep
Musk of SpaceX
"Woof" equivalent
Before, to bards
Attach, as a ribbon
Fields of expertise