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Tweet that goes viral?
Does perfectly
Theater sign word
Cover-up for Caesar
Bring to mind
In a judicious way
Pound with snowballs
Scatters about
Drooling dog of the comics
Out of the office
Box of batteries?
Does a valet's job
Convoy vehicle
Fills to the gills
Of the same sort
Like honey
"The Little Mermaid" milieu
Tosses out
Marathoners' statistics
Typesetting settings
Cost to mail barbed wire?
Storage structure
Fan mail recipient
Ride to the airport, maybe
Brewery offerings
Stallion's mate
Sandler who sings "The Chanukah Song"
The Colosseum, for one
Folklore meanie
"So that's how it is"
Sun-baked brick
"Don't miss it!" review
Collectible in a cabinet
Steers clear of
Boots-wearing cat of kid-lit
A drummer keeps it
Grasshopper's rebuker, to Aesop
Transports by 42-Across
Recede, at the beach
The Buckeyes' sch.
Act the loafer
Canned meat brand
Carry on, as a campaign
Grazing grounds
Follow a Simplicity pattern
Word before cotta or firma
Deafening noise
Like Lord Voldemort
"Frankenstein" torch bearers
Punch server
Bingo players' buys
Refuse to grant
Red who fought Kuwaiti oil fires
Pastrami purveyor
Oversized first-aid kit item?
Tribal symbol
Inflicts harm on
Sharp turn
Abandon the cause
Telescope part
Dinner host's invitation
Word in a bailiff's order
Giver of support
May birthstones
Leave the single life
Take the advice of
Drummer's pair
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan
Breaks down, as food
Hefty book
Stands for speakers
Toyotas discontinued in 2016
Exposer of the Wizard of Oz
Surrounded by
Ford a stream, say
Ensuring utter failure
USA Today offering

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