Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 5th 2018) clues of The Denver Post crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Ready to explode
Nickel and dime
2014 Winter Olympics city
Where 'dos are done
WWII menace
MetLife Stadium gridder
Dubuque native
Your, of yore
Bring shame to
Make amends
Like slander, vis-a-vis libel
Group of experts
Exchange rings
Hatchet-wielding temperance advocate
Rigatoni relative
Like the Marx Brothers
Wind quintet member
Wine and dine
World Cup scores
Madison Ave. pro
"Off the Court" author Arthur
434-line T.S. Eliot poem
Billing unit, often
Riyadh natives
Top spots
Styling goo
Pakistan neighbor
Laudatory verse
Bloodhound's asset
Poetic preposition
Heckler's shout
Jan. 1 song title word
No-win situation?
Tex-Mex morsel
Alternative to "Mac" or "Buster"
Wilder's "___ Town"
Jet Propulsion Laboratory org.
___ Raton
Endure punishment
Car in an airport queue
Space-saving abbr.
Do an impression of
River to the Caspian Sea
Designer Geoffrey
Merit reward
Arizona's ___ Fria River
Spy in Canaan
City famous for crab cakes
"Son of Frankenstein" role
Pres., militarily
Pollen gatherer
Having one's doubts
"Chances Are" singer
Took a match to
Remote rural area
Go for the lure
Ill-fated Ford product
Flower's pollen producer
Letter before kappa
Implant deeply
Philanthropic sort
Work on seams
Barnyard abode
Registered, with "in"
"Push-up" garment
Totally lose it
LAX listing
Marching band instruments
Genesis setting
Meditation- or hypnosis-induced condition
Online investment site
Vichyssoise ingredient
Like most Muslims in 60-Down
Light breakfast, perhaps
Spliced, as a film
Decorator's asset