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Not of the cloth
Places to graze
Don't check, bet, fold or raise
Town crier's call
Treater's words
Part of a chord
Yemeni port
Plans with copays, in brief
Boarding pass datum
Kaput, as a battery
Like near beer
"Slippery" trees
Give the heave-ho to
First-aid kit item
"Everyone in this room"
Red Bull buy
Prefix with med or law
Symbol of freshness
Top spot
Steal, slangily
Snore symbol
Prenatal test, for short
Mechanic's figure
Reunion attendees, briefly
First name in jeans
Fair setup
Dentist's request
CIA turncoat
Hoops great whose nickname ends in "q"
Ran like the dickens
Pull a swindle on
Oh ___! (candy bar)
Veronica of "Hill Street Blues"
Mani-pedi abrasive
Prepare Oreos at a fair, say
Wrestler/actor ___ the Giant
Turkeys cooked a fairly short time?
"How the Other Half Lives" author Jacob
Too pooped to pop
___-press (wrinkle-resistant)
Blows it
Pie cuts, essentially
Big Bertha's birthplace
Early wheels, for short
Light as a feather
Insignificant vacations?
Pinocchio, at times
Air Force heroes
Quality of Rambo or Rocky
Foxx of "Ray"
"Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" singer
Last two words of "Amazing Grace"
"___ difference!"
Towed-away auto, maybe
Emotion in emo music
Disgusting, in kid-speak
Chemical in drain cleaners
Ball honoree
Deli side
Stalactite site
Sportscaster Andrews
Free from bondage
"A Hard Road to Glory" author
Broadway opening?
Puccini title role
Epithet from Scrooge
Sidewalk-stand buy
Beefy runway walker?
Rival of Enterprise and Alamo
Knock for a loop
Six-day-a-week delivery
Elite commando unit
Took one's turn
First word of "The Raven"
Fires off, as a text
Cause of back spasms

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