Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 27th 2012) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 30 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Composer starts losing tempo, say, gutted (7)
Performers are childless reformers (7)
Rare working party piece that's repeated (5)
Traditional Gaelic music performed with delay now and then on river (6-3)
Mercurial character in book: it's set in turbulent Italy (10)
Woman doesn't finish change (4)
1 across piece, a version of Cinderella, captivates its composer's heart (5,2,4)
An opera is rewritten to include Queen's instrument (6,5)
Radical Paris edition of the Pink ’Un? (4)
Engineer made Freudian slip describing middle of tune, 1 across piece (6-4,3,5)
Steak went off stuffed with duck (extra large) (9)
Not as convincing as 1 across piece (2,3)
Played together better stripped — Moore's outstanding (7)
Use it to trace letters from angry clients (7)
Trace source of echo in Verdi orchestration (6)
British and German article abroad makes a pile (6)
Initially, stiff drink damages penile extensions? (6,4)
This is not art, perhaps — and trained Tyroleans do it (5)
Check old song picked up in music halls (9)
Rang, say, and drove home (4)
Rolls here supported with drink (4,4)
Step unsteadily over tiny adult plant (5,3)
Dragonfly from French-German river I caught (10)
A very quiet Scottish singer nearly died, clapped out? (9)
I worried about short solo by daughter, being unaccompanied (8)
See 22
Black Magic represented as fast food (3,3)
Irish Republican breaks law over in part of Merseyside (6)
Seizes women leaving bars with no music? (5)
2 of banknotes offering security (4)