Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 28th 2011) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 30 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

The Germans stayed there? France joining messy towel wars around Torquay's borders (6,6)
Philosophical alternative to chicken comes first for intellectuals? (8)
Disturb please — on the contrary for kipper's state! (6)
First couple from Turner artist blocking the killing of animals in the name of art? (8)
Dentist's recommendation taking lead from fluoride deficiency (5)
Heart of "communication problem" — ultimately after a plan (3)
Explicit girl in Beatles' song heard with diamonds (5)
Bring back some relic, if use relates to a Muslim (5)
Home counties after place to put cultural extreme? (7)
Introductions to the builders with O’Reilly in the middle left one catchphrase of 1 25 for capital (7)
Dear left following favourite start to anniversary (5)
Animal cry in stable attack (5)
Remains after fire alarm sounded primarily by hotel (3)
Organised body, dead body — disposing of evidence at the start (5)
Pertwee's limits in Dr Who, perhaps: a touch of class well defined (8)
See 1
Heather's broken by one piece from McCartney: sex with bounds (8)
Partner would make supermarket run if opening of tills moved to the earliest slot (6)
"Fluke" — Gordon's description encapsulating explosive fit? (8)
Leader of wedding party going inside Alan’s little room for singles, initially, a lady almost gives classic order in 1 25 (7,5)
They almost managed it! Script has year to produce episode of 1 25 (3, 12)
Classic 1 25 straightening menu (not mad, insane): “Duck’s off” (7,5)
Helicopters not flying south — surprise guests at 1 25 (5, 10)
January is colder, now and again, for outer part of ear (7)
See 2
What 21 down was in one 1 25 story — one story about a seal of approval (12)
Not much distance between spectators at either end: Celtic goes down at the start of extra time (5-3)
Draw smile from joiner in loft (3,4)
To make a further attempt to capture Polaris' top missile? (7)
Herb found in 1 25's kitchen? (5)