Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 27th 1999) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 28 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

So Kipling's great steamers, travelling world incognito: not a hundred left or scuttled (7,4,2,3)
Panda car crashing during tour of duty (4-3)
Soldier wearing waterproof: that's charming! (5)
See 1
It's Hoddle with we ten, sadly: so what did the eleventh do? (3,3,4,4)
Jack's address keeps a place for the Old Man (4)
See about charm offensive? Who knows? (6,2)
Blackguard and apostate living in old city quarter (8)
Haul left in robbery (4)
The Mr Fixit of the Child Support Agency? (11,3)
Photograph a man with creativity: might get snap out of it (4,5)
Faultless banker's self-assertion? (5)
Say! Not bad for excellent line one carries (7)
Bohemian syncopation? (7)
Frost's poem, the Ancient Mariner? (4)
Some bowlers aim to wreck: oblige feet to move (3,6,6)
Work up? Nice work - if you can get it! (6)
Appliance of modern-day force: get out of it! (6)
Rued looking up Miss Smith's recipe network (8)
Right! Name a beast evolving from the aardvarks (8)
Joyce who wrote: "Work hard, raise a City partner and point to a growing family" (15)
H-horned characters, perhaps, get around this barrier (10)
Hitchcockian setting of "O! Let me stab wildly!" (5-5)
Tiny Tim right to get a ticking-off about it (8)
Antigone's tragedy no good to such collegians (8)
Double blow from the micro-network (3-3)
Outstanding work sought in disaster areas (6)
Mass circulation impediment (4)