Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 31st 2015) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

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Modifying article header removed hard feelings (7,3,3)
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’ook doesn't have what it takes to succeed thus (8)
Dullard sporting a sleeveless jacket (6)
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Stake fixed by partners in French city (6)
After time, gets down ski run, crashing into old pro's midriff … (6,2)
… almost completely ruining airbag clutched by faint-heart as well (4,3,7)
Rise in appearance money's in black and white — it's great jazzman's fare (4,10)
"Twisted" Jack going after call girl? It's funny you should say that! (3,3)
Behaviour, typical of fools (rather than angels), bearskin disguises (8)
Energy required, perhaps, to thaw this woman? (6)
Demigod is one who can't stop drinking tea with a little bit of rum in it (9)
"Labiate" — how date may be spoken of? (5)
Sparkling wine drink to avoid when climbing above Scots town (13)
Head for Irish church's best sward to sit with a refreshing drink (3-5,4)
Jack's lean (he left a fat-free order) (4)
I stay positive once eliminated from rough competitions (8)
Put in residence for men only, one details home (7,3)
Test centre backs American buying and selling safety structure (10)
Consumer warning seen on toolbox? (3,7,4)
Jack's lean and fantastically fit (salt is fat-free) (4)
Impresario's game changing direction for 25's accompaniment? (7,5)
Following scrap, obstreperous types viewed here? (3,7,4)
Organ transplants within body cavities (5)
Retiring Welsh runner pursuing clubs in characteristic warm-up gear (9)