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Where to get old bangers for females to rent in Wales (15)
Much of day is left, leaving remaining horses happy (9)
Maybe I won't be dragged along (2,3)
Dragonflies get round fellow with a word of appreciation (7)
Ensured result for last to get product (3,4)
,16,18,24 26 6 10 and 8 are not 9 (3)
Receiver's crime (7)
Royal family's skill with slow cooker? (7)
Arranging flowers like bananas? Not quite (7)
At the present time see return with a flourish (2,5)
See 13
Relief supplied by thermals? (7)
Get number from fire (7)
Source of paper, ink and rubber (5)
Rest of article put in souvenir (9)
Ride off a little way to old city in time to get led up the aisle (7,2,6)
Plot with a commission to destroy the global view (15)
Change sides with 10 as quotient (5)
Don't do it to the first two on the mark (7)
Lesbian clan concealing publicity (7)
Everlastin? (7)
What brings warm air to the French is a fast one (7)
Leaving nothing out isn't yet without brief account (9)
Sun of York who further dated revolution (6,3,6)
Unrestrained comment of jury on parasitic person (4-5)
See 13
See 13
A creature having tail removed first made madder (7)
A model fed up with wearing clothes (7)
One lot of stones at home of dictator (3,4)
Fairly relaxed like this drinker - about time (7)
This will locate drama school correctly (5)

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