Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 2nd 2017) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 28 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Little woman should keep home — pardon? (7)
Cold? It's good to wear a hat (5)
Item of armour wasn't disturbed, we hear (9)
Heavenly pair work ship with two propellers (4-5)
12 — time held to be impracticable (3,2)
Delay with our lot trapped in shed (7)
Naturalist to attack feature of Genesis flood story, audibly (7)
Show home to fail as accommodation for pet (8)
Africans only half loathe America (5)
What the state sector is doing, providing residential areas (7,7)
Pretty girl, embracing one Latvian worker, is like an amateur (12)
Thus floor a perverted person (5)
Worms army chaps pulled up — poetic things (9)
What could make one brighter, with suffering finally gone? (7)
Grandma around one beginning to rest, very blissful state (7)
Flirt greeting the fashionistas! (3,2)
Seen to be dotty, having whiff, getting old (9)
"The thin form I have!", said lingerie model (7,5)
Lad is struggling with song that has rapid succession of notes (9)
An Asian nurse in simple summer head covering (6,3)
Constituency boundaries will be — bloody harsh on Corbyn, ultimately? (7)
Fish in passage you and I must catch (7)
Wicked folk losing head and what they are capable of (5)
Head of state in defeat creating stir (5)
Shires financed unfairly, put beyond the possibility of democratic participation (14)
Deputy officer in charge like Scottish chimney sweep (5)
Rogue captured by person pulling up (8)
The baddy — not he who operated as market trader? (7)