Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 3rd 2000) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

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Inactive business partner swallowing bone (8)
Prophet and priest getting God (6)
Water drowned second biblical brother (4)
Know-all gets to paint Posh Spice's head somehow (10)
Right place to find variety of leaf (6)
Renewed success for compiler with degree stuffing bird (8)
Feature on board in the Channel (7)
Notice habit of speech (7)
Cheap accommodation for government? (8)
Growth is said to follow popular demand (6)
One of the first people (perhaps first) to study a parasite (3-7)
Chopper beginning to leap and jump (4)
Sort of gland that's at home in ring (6)
13's one quatrain, perhaps, means everything (8)
Faithful, but getting new man into bed (8)
Seaman's union circumventing ban (4)
Record subsuming records all about the truth (6)
Name used by Swiss skaters? (7)
Class in the grass given new constitution (8)
They sleep when it's absurdly bright in nests (10)
A very long way to analyse words and a number (6)
Negotiator has what makes ticker tick without energy (10)
Works on ways to include bible translation (8)
Poet almost keeping America in a state of excitement (8)
Love duet is getting repetitive (7)
Plough furrow up - it's not very exciting (6)
Scripture on film raised and promoted by 13? (6)
The end of the New Testament (4)

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