Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 1st 2018) clues of The Guardian Cryptic crossword.

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Conductor chosen by staff close to Birtwistle (9)
Southern European leaving station returning for trophy (5)
Criminal homes in on illicit booze (9)
Animal in minaret forced into cage (4,6)
Signalling system delivered by horse trained to carry chart to Europe (9)
Problem after soggy food given to old retarded animal (7)
Worry amongst gangs today (5)
Ruler's letter to crowd (7)
Victoria's last daughter given gold and navy dress (5)
Greek hero in first part of Aeneid listened to sailors (4)
Change not starting with article on time in care facility (9)
Government stock in favour (5)
Mail handler tore stamps apart (10)
Precious safe pinched by tramp (9)
Boats heading off to fish (4)
Old flour ground in shed is resistant to the elements (6,4)
Quip about animal eating companion in farmyard? (7)
Dear old flame and VIP seen dancing (9)
Manuscript back with different cover (7)
Photo doctored to rubbish manifesto's last controversial topic (3,6)
Trump losing papers here? (7)
Time to put out chocolate? (7)
Took pint to stop row with editor (7)
Question a new civil engineer suspiciously (7)
Kind of dessert served at end of luncheon (4)
Fire reported in water slide (5)
Attractive man married to queen crashed in squat (6,4)
Push tip of dart into weapon turned on Europe (5)
Brief up on new medicine (9)
Swimmer in ocean race crossing Atlantic to start with (4)
Weak sides leaving embarrassing 17 (5)
People in A&E returned to get liquid injected (5)

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