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Puzzling out some jargon (5)
Exchanges are down — isn't everything volatile (6,2)
Bird's main city (7)
Fixed flag (8)
Talk fast (7)
The key to a jailbreak? (6)
Old Norse style originally discovered between 1100 and 1100 (9)
"Arrivederci" to xenophobe, holding up non-native (6)
One studies figures (5)
Front runner pulls out of wild motor race (4)
Greek work rejects independent, backing unknown cleaner (5)
Organic group manufactured from clay … (4)
Celebrity ignores upper class creep (9)
… without science, regularly (4)
Leading lady first to depart flight (4)
To entertain, spin record without difficulty (6)
Troubles at giant rave around 10 on Saturday (10)
Left in Paris? That's awkward (6)
Signal for lager — the cocktail requires a drop of Pilsner (9)
Number 10 welcomes new American employee hugging Tory leader (8)
A pretty sharp accent (5)
He delivered letters (4)
Respond to criminal racket, deporting 1,000 (5)
Spanish football manager abandons old league — the end of Bayern's keeper? (8)
Lara Croft initially backflips with weapons and sirens (3,6)
Do they examine old warhorses? (4)
Note: new heart put in here (7)
B to C minus 1 returns X (5)
5 over 9 in, say, after 8? (7)
I'll place it round or roundish (10)
To surrender beat, The Jam finally retire underground (5)
19 across good to get up on 19 across and shine (5)
Nice 1 follows Special 1 (3)

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