Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (April 11th 2009) clues of The Guardian Prize crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 57 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Leading article absorbed by red carpet (9)
Chives divided with charm in default of a new system (10)
Tired way for youth to go (4)
I supply resin and wood at scholarship time (7)
Conspicuous dwelling without store of food (8)
Eye corners with songster nearly this (6)
Quality of a lot of books in church (7)
Boy with sigh of affection for me, right way up (6)
Cages in select version of how things are (4,2,3)
Stories about camel having saved galaxy (9)
Calculator in gas plant (6)
See 18
Get moving with book featuring animals and Spaniard returning with spirit (6,7)
The Californian port's official rite, maybe the last (3,9,2,7)
Serpentine grower, taking a number by bus, misread wordbook (6,7)
Religious addict as linchpin? (5)
First of first sort of English with first of second Roman governor (6)
Honesty and church's enemy at one? (9)
Knockabout girl gets the hump (4)
Frightening drinks, a sign united with 11 (6)
Frivolous account of English journey (7)
Enter "change" inside and that is changed (6)
Dilemma with pollarded bong tree in Australia (8)
Leading light in Alcoholics Anonymous going for the hard stuff (7)
Pay time for sailor (4)
Religious house never going to perish on its own (10)
Finished without stuttering nonconformist being used in anatomy lesson? (9)
Whisky — end of — and chaser in North Yorkshire (7)
Piece of crumpet I try to eat with 4s (5)
Setter's got a lot of bricks at a point overlapping (9)
Tricky word for a couple cut short by an expert artist (11)
Go straight? (3)
Frogman caught burrower — it escaped (5)
Piper from Forfar that is drunk under piano (9)
Be losing way (5)
Film actor Peter absorbing divine account by historian Hugh (4,5)
Because of something wrong with the church (5)
English name for French city with pride, say (5)
About five digits for creatures that "nest under sundials and live on cheese" (5)
Correct round number of decree (5)
Not carrying weapons like a whistle (5)
Paid in advance a little old money in the course of cooking our books (2,5)
I couldn't hear what you said in the loo about port (2,5)
Giving it ecstasy would be fatal to this body (5)
The Spanish drink in Scotland (5)
Playing five sets without it starting to interfere with celebrations (11)
Thank you very much: Scots scrap name from pub (5)
Use surgical instrument after domestic animal's turn to peevishness (9)
American bird sees bad lad eaten by dog (4,5)
Additional article covered in gold (5)
Not the subject of talk about 21 losing time (9)
Giving bad name to Democrat: was leader confused? (7)
Caught and some mighty blows — the sound of cricket (5)
The cutter that completes the puzzle (5)
Shapes formed by exploding salvo (5)
Call girl to take pew (5)
Indian plant taking turn from Pakistani? (3)