Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (August 25th 2018) clues of The Guardian Prize crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 66 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Lady of the night has no work (5)
Significant other starting out unsteadily (8)
Work mate and Perkin twice wearing spectacles (4)
Halpern shows sign of hesitation for that woman (3)
Spoke of a punishment on joint (7)
Soldiers secure old city (7)
Not censored, university teachers gathered round Cinephile (5)
Troubled Sheridan is gone (6)
Express finally comes to junction out east (5)
Logodaedalus, oddly curt, always embracing instructor (8)
The heart of Schwyz, say (4)
Another theme word with Stephenson's team from Bristol (6)
Wader changes with Torquemada before 13:00 (9)
Dogberry put on the carpet by employers who are hooked (4,5)
Bishop managed to conceal object (7)
Starts broadcasting game, we hear (7)
Ship, possibly a drifter (5)
Holy book — European capital houses Vlad's edition (3-4)
Gourmandise strangely, with no name (7)
Unauthorised hearing from Manley — strange practical joke (no clubs' jape) (4,5)
Opera song about a posh limo (9)
A cleaner has no date (6)
Cheek about Moley's gait (4)
Excalibur and 59 old attendants (8)
Schumann regularly takes in Biggles and islander (5)
Crucible has first added egg sandwiches and relish to salad (6)
Gozo having to file clutch (5)
A lad — Tim — composed Dahl musical (7)
Gold item of clothing, not small, but uniform (7)
Dante usually orders starters for two (3)
Call from middle of foyer by 45 (4)
Because of this, shock treatment is held inside (8)
Hearing plea from the homeless? (5)
Tube from Thrace twisted by Adamant (7)
Prince of Wales having no success taking in Azed (5)
Asian city's oral tradition includes article by Hazard (6)
Starts to study hard, exercising daily (4)
Notes from Taupi as he does needlework outside (9)
Complaint made by Imogen and head about pupils (7)
Department heads of operational research need Enigmatist … (4)
… Io and zero combined (2,3)
Select an old character, say (8)
Penniless ceramicist's studio (8)
Port facility miles away (6)
Make a further approach to raging ocean and mere with Rosa Klebb (4,6)
Award-winning actress, awfully terse with Provis (6)
Sign letter to America about Redshank (6)
Carpathian, terribly tired into the long grass, changed course (10)
Jewellery container upset (6)
Tragic upset involving Bunthorne's flatfish (4)
Annoying youngsters with Boatman — I'm annoyed! (5)
Deny point took in about Goliath (6)
This for example mounted on a car (6)
In the covers, when wet? (4)
I want Altair cycling country (6)
Inquire after male at a specially dear opera (9)
Edited a novel about King George (8)
Secretary on parade ground changing sides (8)
Broadcast done to more of a turn (6)
Quantum and poor Louisa exchanging partners in the wind (7)
Lack of movement Elgar first suffered in capital (7)
From the middle of bazaar, London toerag is seen (6)
Mudd in the space that is for the girl (5)
Cook reportedly accepts Armonie's 24 arrows (5)
Apex's bird working hard (2,2)
Starting quarter after one, Sunday (4)