Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 8th 2018) clues of The Guardian Quiptic crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 32 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Load being dispersed is nothing special (2,3,4)
It's really dangerous helping to hold up support (9)
Popular cross over musical style … (5)
Goethe Medal has focused on single subject … (6)
… playing after do, somewhere in London (5)
… said to be somewhat overbalanced (6)
Ignore summons — it concerns a writer (5,4)
Meet rough ground in a stiff location (3,6)
Grip doctor learnt hanging around hospital (7)
Gone over again? About time for it to be withdrawn (9)
Variety of music filter (6)
Come again to pick up Brazilian dog (7)
Emotional type put out to get feedback (6)
Worker infected by animal disease while away (6)
Mark Antony goes first? Just the opposite (7)
They are put on to thwart those who tease (7)
Choice of seating providing space to fall into (3,6)
Workshop central to cloistered feudal priory (6)
Panicky father missing trick (5)
Down and out march … (5)
Conviction is a bitch when it's taken apart (5)
… banned initially to avoid being openly offensive (5)
Policeman deceives bench (9)
Type of blood supplement that is criminal (6)
Clear role with no time for being above target (4,3)
Horrific overdraft added to personal debts (6)
Queen taking in strip show (7)
Tying up promise ahead of time … (7)
… start to remove objection, perhaps (5)
E-learning is customised mostly (2,7)
Arrests that often require cuffs, or ties (7)
Second connection in very short time (5)