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Latest song on the radio? There's no coverage here
Smell - it will be found in some people
Fighting? Doctor having one put in bed
Classify version of gene pool, including one with separate source of heredity
See 4
Clear tour's abandoned part of London
See 8
A quantity of sewage, though no initial flush
Pro runs, restricted by recent wound
Old soldier about to stop cheers for feud
Volume is ready for penning one dream
Moving round borders of state etc, not given to stays
Waste large satellite's power during repair
Marked rise in river - a lot of risk about that
No strong material to go to court after position upheld
Skill? No, disaster, sadly
Major figure's beat including computer work
Historic house with new actors in revolutionary material
Pepper pot cracked, one lot of pieces falling inside
Mercy given to Communist in Cornish town
French writer caught with two Americans?
Betrayed and beaten up for documents but showing composure
Times vary in the endless career developed for travelling educator
Energy of life not entirely evident in South American figure
Reference to history: quite a few involved in rout
Basis to claim small amount half-heartedly
Diffusion very much set back one probing simple plant life
Historic dome, lit spookily
Dutch heretic securing victory regarding evolution