Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 13th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Petition raised about question in controversial 70s play
Dull Apostle abandoned by married couple?
Managed to come up with cryptic clue in such a family?
China importing a new European mammal
Heroin smuggler's blunder
Heirloom of frilly clothing for example
Temporary dwellings in section of hospital for housing affected soldiers
Who'll never forget husband stuffing rubbish into overturned box
Bird sues for reparation and payout after separation?
Concerning storyteller about to be put back on track
Record one tree across large field
Bridge contract numbers cut by president
Worn-out flap
Ruler's metric measure spanning an imperial one
Whinger very taken by sailing vessel
Strip clubs that are disreputable and ultimately corrupt
Perhaps shipbuilding by River Test
Body section of aircraft left to the end
Nothing at all current by editor's boss in old magazine
I die drinking extremely corrosive common coolant
Ridicule eccentric about topless seductress
Little birds in line succeeded to cross boat
Horse bitten by variety of trapdoor spider, maybe
Precious diamonds almost guided counterfeit
Art gallery's opening with Faulkner novel
Fool one turning up after the bout?
Jazz mags and books hidden by Heather
Blush from boy after brief sin
What's behind bridge, according to pack
Tough men greeting male, one making food