Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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I played tennis like one with trapped wind
Talking aggressively, Trump finally enters meeting
Where a house's spotlights might be going off
I go out for a bit and sweat, ultimately unfit?
Old bit of ceremony the Spanish do very well
Sadly it's agreed they're awfully sad
Rambling tirade against one who wears the crown?
Refrain from annoying short worker on holiday
I show a bit of bum to make first grand (in old money)
Flaming city backing out-of-head Tory?
Old criteria to be reworked by head of government
What leads Hoskins astray is the cold ham starters
Nebraskan city has a bloody coastal beach?!
It's bad on a bust and torture on the soles of the feet
Possibly mark payment for next month in office appointment
Lively back to harass crap keeper?
High point of copy that Self must turn in
Tax rate is to be cut periodically with skill
A group of West Indians making various bongs?
Dog stealthily getting leg over duck
Rubbish hallucinogenic experience on MDMA
Fancy Hoskins is eating hat, being wrong
Visit Bill, but not a degenerate
Tenor splits ballet dress over time, that's bad
Vessels full of beer and groceries primarily
I am not in Barking to save a life
A half-cut geek linked to Club 18-30?
Bloody bishop will have sex with Welsh rabbit!
Speak to first-class brief (because commonly in court)
Idea for less capital divides people in general
In a way, one who jokes lacks good judgement
To some extent, ideas perplex Serpent