Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 1st 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Carbon undergoes 95% reduction in pH? Much enthusiasm results
Shrill, short, dumpy women going to Kentucky
Returning Zulus provided sparkle
Sovereign's foremost sycophant and follower
Mock judge rehears regularly
Inventive musician's remote control sound
Quits rugby match after kick-off
Manage to obtain case of bubbly
Place to show flesh wound
Gorgeous quality of rugby forwards?
Test edges of the site for Norman castle
Crossing round head of jungle's inlet
Personal problem during kisses - a teenage obsession?
Crewe or Palace?
Heave do-gooder away from time in prison
Politician tucked into battered cod; he ate with gusto
Yoko, feeling frisky, starts intermittent type of relationship
Trip of a lifetime hampered at first by a couple of jokers
Neglected her, in comparison to hero?
Fast living
King guarded by not entirely moral servant in Shakespeare play
Korea: both its sides fancy a sing-along
Port a queen and a bishop accepted
Cut short time being married
Fertiliser's as per manure ingredients
Boxing clubs with English fighter possibly cast out
Gets through piano grade - almost
Perhaps Scotch would be sweet if on the rocks?
Rook escapes heat under new thatch shelter
Why doing my quiz nearly always ends up in an astronomic row
Take too much off boxwood sculpted harness piece
Old deposit in field, one overseas
A thousand on board jet making it unstable
Knit or weave to illustrate cow
Fly like a silent bee?
Dictator’s police republic?
Branch of body set up after war to remove weapons
Pest from central Georgia
Raise a drink to old-style government
Note by message relay system
Outspoken tosser’s part in polo match
Lower Year gets high room in Hogwarts
Dog trainer’s dad returning car with boot scratched
Part of the attraction when fair people bump into each other
Former Isis stronghold split between Iraq and Qatar
Broadcast of Siberian native in his natural environment