Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 3rd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Ever tossed out a pair of Dockers?
Leninist leader released? Yahoo!
A hospital department obstructing Doctor Hoskins going round
Wearing retro Levis or elegant clothes
Those picked up in Hackney markets, I'm told
Soothing drug distributed to ill men
Atrocious man popular round America
Back, bottom or side but not centre
I glance about like one watching over you?
Hoskins has to crack the king's disease or die
One following Long John Silver along the beach?
Country said to prefer game to duck
Give back small profits
Fills undies with bit of radish as stuffing
Republican's opening play with May?
Where loafers should really be standing
Rod Stewart's outside with a couple of females
Getting on Hoskins after retirement? Woof woof!
She's the sort to follow you I've been told
What Hoskins does to Serpent for starters?
Possible description of sty could be stye?
Postponed? Oh, Lovely!
Matter for revision by hospital department?
Absolutely astounded by peacenik in Derby?
Booty fun? I'll put the kibosh on it!
Rashly gave food to artist Damien for Spooner
Drunk ordering a port in a foreign land
Lips in blue, perhaps, or another colour
Understand I must expend energy to make love
One likely to make Den more fiery in Walford?
Lean to drink last of fizz, being half-cut in Bow!
Short break in Rome is the thing