Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 5th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Recreational activity seeing fish coming on to boat
Newspaper worker recalled time with farceur
One works to improve official popular with the Queen
Reference authors use freely, nothing less
A medic coming round hospital when required
Be calm, taking time at work as representative
Evidence of health good when encountering depression
Second Avenue bar
A big bed's required to hold son, no expense spared
Substantial cut beginning to obscure piece of music
Old guy, individual captured by writer fellow
Frenzy to stop returning when enthralled by religious ceremony
Junior officer interrupting delight in scene of massacre
What moves trio to planet with energy?
Blade composed of three metals?
Without hesitation, finds where supporters stand
Way of describing crater? Rocky, say
Gate with rails rebuilt in the country
Handy being able to accommodate each loss
Historic game, one of two halves of course
Insect - an insect I shooed from part of roof
Vehicle going uphill running into animal in European city
Welfare advocate: "Support should be around the day before"
Soldier, one getting over swallowing ancient appetiser
Such a mishap, with papers being lost, would produce stress
Only chap to avoid a grave
Ice ball about to become solid? On the contrary
Fit together sides of house in central area
Dark piece, not king
Part of Mexican dish? Some mention a chorizo