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Small volume about one pursuing girl is a masterpiece
Fantastic beast improvising back to front
Steps made in a chaotic way
Refuse right to sleep rough outside
Raise your glass, knocking back Southern Comfort
Host target area surrounds board
One couldn't appreciate wife when time at home got hard following gossip
Enduring riddle of silent grave
Year the euro collapsed, just as I predicted
See 14
Was on the beat as tap dancing got under way
Plug in contact with outside of lead for record deck
Cat jumps out of its skin
Extravagant words in newspaper's really cool blanket coverage
Auntie frustrated about covering too much stuff
Imagine 'cougar' meeting resistance in boy on the rebound!
Roughly demonstrate housing co-operative's beginning to provide good source of income
Conscious of key deficiency in American state
Replace great player expected to do well on the radio
Twist around, beginning to dance, twist around as part of health regimen?
See 14 Across
Stop working to support trendy record company
Old Labour leader's image making an impression on the ground
Is aware of vocal newspaper's material assistance for those stricken by cold
Dull, vain don abused invalid
Carrot cake may use this instead of sugar
Move desk to turn bolt
Redevelopment of top site makes little impression on the ground
Incubator's going to replace energy source and work without interruption
Love meat mostly containing a bit of saturated fat
Ignominy of political leader being removed from platform
See 14 Across