Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 10th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Gent, a little short, beds elderly rich blonde
Walk around edge of herd, or pass through?
Business finally failing to work for musicians
Painter's son going round the bend in church
Six McRae's, one mixed grill
40-30; fault on return makes game
Old court hero ultimately identifiable by cigar droppings
Big dinner interrupted by tenor 'singing' with a loud band
'Sorry, Ned, I'm Brian, remember?'
British general in the driver's seat in WW2 transport
Rotten dessert - eating three as starter
Support for conductor saying all aboard?
Poet's inclusion of metaphor a certainty
Unit of housing block let, one pound down
Discuss young toff at Eton losing a lot of weight
Journalist, during trip to Mecca, heading west to this city
Corset glue coming unstuck where tailor didn't finish stitching
Introduce law to reduce sugar
Capturing a bit of noise, audio equipment is on
Stale chop you once fed to Edward
See 11 Across
Double-act, one that never took off?
Heroine left on the Titanic starts to imagine Atlantis
Top bunk lined with Calvin Klein coat
Most empty their guns when ordered
Pub in difficulty keeping separate hot food
Embarrassed where to put uniform for debut?
Threat to bumper crop boy left with pig food?
Writer, say, raised in suburb
Way a dung-beetle goes around upside-down