Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 11th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Trap a bloke smuggling a Picasso
Arranges what Trump does at the weekend
Reach of 14 17's weapon? That's odd - no way!
European railways turnover weakened with age
Somewhere in Washington, had a word about Ivanka's core investment
Sit around, almost nude, paid upfront in den of iniquity
John hit Macron, drunk, having taken ketamine
A gun each
Released evil spirits from head Republican with bronzed skin
Press Connery to admit to having been a contralto
Titles mounted, credits announced, for meaningful linguistics study
Taste a bit of poppadum, amigo
Paves the way for first POTUS trip
Democratically defeat Farage's objective
"Wine?" "Yes", from Franz Ferdinand, going first
Maine Democrat states she'd be at home in the 18!
Deplore halfwit taking charge of opera company
Hip replacement finally ready, following change of heart
Fawn shot by Disney
Open in Sulawesi, defending 23 for one
Pro-cheese movement of concern to the Greens?
Kilo chocolate bar knocked back, where 14 17 is at home up north
Mum's working without a problem?
Bed in school might be labelled "Teacher's"
Space for Spanish 1A retail outlets
Wee, let off by Macron's bed?
Support Sri Lankan leaders' elected government
Raffles here distributing gains, as some might say, for the poor
Actor Eric featuring in panto playing the main man
Get Oscar after silent movie about 14 circus act
They bring wet, cold, thunderous showers at first
It could be a button mother stitched on to second-hand jumper