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Country atmosphere's inverted, with flaccid content
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Making clothes for dog and seal
Easier source of servicing suggested around motor-racing?
Henry coined money irregularly, involving daughter in this?
US soldier brought in after mistake over large iconic figure
Yard almost checked security clearance of Frenchwoman?
Expected to absorb time picking up Satie's last study
Painter's caper ruined item of decor
Great friend very much the greatest (though without it being put about)
Explain start of essay, badly articulated without skill
America mostly confused about introduction of Soviet money
Leader of gods mostly game, mostly game for figure of speech
11, excellent, not entirely smelly
Observer editor in Kenya misrepresented English
Choice to limit time working
Desk I found in various rectories
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Race vehicle very overlooked by current bulk transport
Bahrain giants rampaging in the local fairytales?
American counsel backed American lawyer to express anger about crashed semi
Early indication of result: former head will accept it
Complex case involving university's sharp language
Messenger forgetting nothing about unfashionable designer
Axes taken to tree brought about zero fury
A Parisienne, when meeting unknown quantity, is disturbed
Striker caught forward
Stop mother being in control
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