Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 2nd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Switch position round with two females
Discussed servant girl whose prosperity is certain?
Nuisance left with quarter pounder
Loathsome type from Fox covering area
Experience one French duke avoided for this reason
Train seat he occupies someone vacated
Good beer needed for powerful air force
On U-boat that's destroyed
Very unreliable engine outside in dusk
Other Ulyssean traits initially seen in Bloom
Roman legions, initially battered, showing standard
African city centre vanishing in eastern state
Apparition in relative darkness
Shades of ancient Chinese princesses?
Strange characters picked up in Buckland Down
Sweetheart in wood, one obtaining fragrant resin
Maybe top London cop trains boss stateside
Claim to know nurse
Confusing note with others?
Better to avoid extremes — take gentle stroll
Hostile moreover with praiseworthy individual
Track delivery given in singles bar?
Further on each joined
Wader again seen on island
Drive too close, creating flap
Westbound chopper's given lieutenant lift
Party back at home for supreme creator
Heartlessly carries on wrecking sequence of events
Fellow reportedly needs water heater
More than pleased to see brilliance missed in performance
Syndicate's backer opening case
Bet linesman misses header
Rail runs through Dundee perhaps
Recording star brought to gallery
Greek character returning to river shows spirit
Middle Eastern watering hole held by spies in revolution