Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 3rd 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Good to get involved in new alliance? Very good!
Certificate Heath maybe’s written in advance
Disturbance after drink in vehicle
Reportedly win horse chestnut
Postscript about Reformed pastor's musical favourites
Eunice oddly greeting fellow with a Mexican dish
After hearing, understand America’s head count
Starts off creating original unit leaving other measures behind - this one?
Referring to some numbers Adrian regularly used in exam
Competition distance once used
Some reach a country plain
Like flier following ship?
31 24 11 Tom was not mistaken
Law enforcer, small, went about work
Plaintive legal ace I fancy
Best bite
31 24 11 Herbert’s rewritten 11 article
Coming back, do bathroom up maybe first for superior type
Partly missing urban term for joking
Club overcoming Everton’s outside threat
Blemish by church rarely seen
31 24 11 Brian at first cited Neagh maybe
Home mostly lacking interest, say - brought over drink?
In which player’s accompanied wrong female - almost gone off
Omit old crossword feature to accommodate daughter
Key mixer
At party strange blue drink, large
31 24 11 Kenny glad to go back at 51. Scottish? Extremely
Support on course horse, English, seven years
About to get in rage over pinch
Dislike dais - heading off
Difficult parting from lively woman? About right