Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 6th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Casket regularly lost mass
Note from the past? Just about
In Germany, it is German to refrain
Content of journal is somewhat flexible
Sack secretary that’s upset about it as a sort of stimulus
One fellow gets embraced by stylish sort
Frenchman is King? Remains in a confused state
No McMeals dished up at a shared table
This is involved in feminine worship
Branch of mathematics laid out in grey tome
Unhappy over limits on cruise provider
A crime’s involving brazen behaviour from these killers
Endangered marine feature unregulated first to last
Fool enters motorway heading for furthest mountain region
Blemish on bit of animation unknown? Hardly
Best in series!
Maintain United pub from former days
Theatrical area enshrining most of old silly things
Swimming aid: no risk losing one at sea (Spanish article)
Military leader with power invested in army of troops
Microphone capturing American singing?
Change what anthem and theorem have in common
Spanish city unhappily regressing – staff about to follow
The writer runs railway, welcoming one on board with pleasure
Capable? Sadly ineffective, having dropped last two
French writer of the French majority? Not quite
University engaged in class meeting
School has expert around to be source of solution
Initial moves regarding stage performers (name withheld) around end of crusade
Disinclined to fight, provided I brought in quiet account