Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 8th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Those against holding onto Troy's fivers?
Attention: clothes should come with no top
Flowers and chocolates
A French editor welcoming singer without standing?
When to support actors touring independent houses
I hate folk confusing metaphors and similes essentially
Live together
I left Don messing about with a wood-stripper
Maybe Billy the Kid's issue with a bad hat?
I'm a sod with an ego weirdly doing well
Posh Liberal bound in restraint here?
Social conduct of people at station, perhaps
Old fools point poets away from Brighton's front
Preface of exceptionally good book summary
One helping Texan behind on time isn't a rogue
Piece of paper
Kid told off outside The Crown in Lowestoft
How a man might dress, having a non-conservative bent?
Composer of simple harmonies
Toilet trips (finally) after a pair of spicy dishes?
Guy responsible for the phonebook's demise?
Dirty old man's brother has one after stripping
Huge Lover? Cool down, taking a short moment!
Do wrong snarfing heroin and a little punch?
Seaside breezes? That could be good for one!
Turn and leave
Gents in Ohio regularly suffering consumption
US outlet some tried to present in a different way
Study bit of lovemaking and make some money
Large cups full of spirit for Hoskins?
Slaughter back-seat driver? Essentially, yes