Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 12th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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E Landseer appointed it a tool for draughtsmen?
Annual volume of a transport route crossing motorway roundabout
Go off track to get round edges of Eastern Front?
Assorted dishes of pasta salad
Arty types reviewing main article by teacher's paper
Constant problem with relating in ménage à trois
Use it to survey the back of old limestone circles
Bird of reef?
Overbearing, uppity Lord and Master gets boundless criticism
Surprisingly, a site within prison field is home to the stars?
Temptress of Ulysses ensnares his second group of friends
It was once said I should invade Arabian Gulf
Demand money from Congress, bypassing leader of Senate
Even US Defense department provides a bit of football?
Articulated joint performed as required
Where to find Lincoln’s supporters, practically naked, cavorting outside
The rural complex of tubes animals go through
In correspondence, mean each and every reply? Oddly not
Acre's centre contains an example of what comes next
St Thomas’ latest doctor for the ears
Revealing lively wit, clergyman points to go heavenwards
Ministerial meeting ends up in accord to ban dirty bombs
Part of the Alps which surrounds a Latin country
Harmonious shape of retro timber shelter with play area and maze
Game of chance could finally kill someone
Diamonds sewn into hat, as seen on top of señora
One of five of Plato he’d put in sort of cartoon
For Parisians, here is the ultimate in cool