Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 13th 2018) clues of The Independent Quick crossword.

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Uplifting brassiere - it's a treat, enthralling, more attractive
To snooze during sex is awkward
Secretly watches diarist on the phone
Analysis of gold crown by head of Scotland Yard
Absolutely determined to be unresponsive in front of crowd
Notice I go for a walk with male at higher altitude, which is exquisite
Pavlova, say, eaten by footballer in Accrington
Advise communist to take another name? Not I
Folded coat containing earth and bit of dirt
Bogus president, terrible dupe
In fragment of cloth is gold tooth
Plain brown box on top
Again takes sister flying
Russian scrum-half's job
The French welcome permission to be absent from work
Great apes trying to display work of art
Ancient trio of kings, maybe enthralling me and Victor
It moves across the sky, lower than should be possible, heading west
Cold patient is desperate for treatment to prevent infection
Notepad adjusted to hide piece of information? Exactly the opposite
Look closely at biblical rock, lacking time
Solicitor is very good politician
Accused ran tours in the morning
Vulgar Republican claiming Democrat is in control
Got wind on a bidet
Brings back the teaching of religion in Alabama and Tennessee?
Grab several chickens?
They are inclined to bound aboard ship
Amount prostitute charges for acid derivative
Useful tips obtained from kinky porn site